Verso Men.

Verso men.

verso men.

A place for men to encounter Jesus.

Verso Men provides the opportunity for men to gather, connect, and fellowship with each other by creating spaces and places for men to encounter Jesus.

Our mission is to help men transform into the likeliness of Jesus, equip men to walk in the truth of God’s calling, and help them extend his kingdom in all aspects of their lives.

We run a number of events throughout the year, including men's breakfasts, BBQs, talks, game nights, and weekends away. There are also a number of men’s groups that meet on various days and cover activities ranging from Golf, Car repair, Photography, and Bible Study, to name a few. These groups are an excellent opportunity to connect with one another and develop friendships and fellowship.

Men's Groups

Verso Men has a selection of activity groups from photrography to cars and a bi-weekly bible study. Find one that works for you.


All the young adults are invited for a monthly social usually on the 3rd week of the month. This can be anything from eating together, to bowling, or simply a drink at a local pub, it’s always an opportunity to relax and have fun together.