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Verso Introductions is a great place to start if you are new to Verso or have been with us a while but don’t really know much about our values and beliefs.

Introductions provides the foundation of what it means to be part of the Verso Vineyard Church family.  On this course you’ll learn about our history and the global Vineyard movement, and where we sit more generally within the wider Church.  

Discover our core beliefs and values, and our vision for the future. You’ll learn how we use the ‘Kingdom of God’ that Jesus so often talked about, as a lens to look at the world; explaining how it impacts and informs the way we read the Bible, the way we pray for healing, the way we choose to live and then the way we care for and serve the community.

Join us at 10.30am on Saturday 27 January here at Verso St Albans.  The course will run until 3.30pm and lunch will be provided.

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